SHOWROOM SQUARED addresses the challenges faced by design professionals researching and coordinating furnishing orders and quote requests across multiple brands.  Providing an interactive environment to collaborate over specifications with showrooms and authorized dealers, SHOWROOM SQUARED takes on the burden of ensuring that orders progress promptly and error free. 




  • Design Professionals establish online account relationships
  • Trade Credentials and State Resale Certificates are uploaded onto your site and shared instantly when requesting new Showroom Accounts
  • Connect directly with Showroom Sales personnel for information or quotes on products
  • Share Product details easily with Clients, Contractors, Workrooms etc
  • Improves and streamlines your purchasing experience
  • Easily compile Proposals & Invoices for Clients from your Quotes & Orders
  • Be up to the minute on progress of Orders as status in real time is easily updated on SHOWROOM SQUARED thus eliminating time wasting phone calls
  • Keep your Clients informed and up to date on progress of their project


  • SHOWROOM SQUARED is a business tool
  • Your site on SHOWROOM SQUARED is all yours
  • Use your LOGO to brand your site
  • Add Details of Staff, Clients, Projects, Contacts
  • Information gets uploaded once and then just added to transactions
  • Create New Project Folders for Clients
  • All communications, queries, quote requests, orders from your site
  • Add all research to Projects through 'adding products' or 'scanning codes'
  • Compile and Sent Proposals & Invoices to Clients easily from your Showroom Quotes and Orders


  • Quick Search and instant access to entire Collections
  • Instantly add products to your Projects
  • All details, specifications and tear sheets available
  • Image of Product and Link to Specifications is included in all communications and Transactions
  • Direct and immediate connection and communication to Showroom selling Product
  • Smooth transition from Research to Quote to Ordering all in one place
  • All at the click of a button
  • All captured in one place


  • Request Quote instantly
  • All Customizations captured and confirmed
  • All changes to quotes and orders confirmed
  • All Approvals for Cuttings, Finish Samples, Drawings, etc captured
  • Linked COMs and COLs ensure that Application details are captured
  • Linked COMs and COLs ensure that product information is shared
  • Alerts highlight Information required or Actions needed
  • Sidemarks and Ship To Addresses automatically added
  • Leadtimes and status shown in at-a-glance images
  • Tracking details added easily to improve delivery followup
  • Tracking details enable quick matching of COMs to furniture orders
  • Entire process is a series of 'steps and checks' to ensure clear communication and prevent errors


  • Eliminates costly errors and delays through a collaborative & clear online process.

  • Communications, Updates and Approvals captured immediately and directly linked to quotes and orders.

  • All activities are continuously updated ensuring that status is always up to the minute and ensures Orders progress promptly.


  • The Mobile app provides you with an 'at your fingertips' experience
  • Entire status of Transactions is always with you and up to date
  • Entire Project Folders and contacts with you always
  • Share product information and make notes when meeting at Showroom or with clients
  • Scan product labels: instantly gather product tearsheets, request quotes immediately, and share information
  • Scan Fabric and Wall coverings: compile list of Memo Samples (accompanied by image of item and link to product details) make selection, request and collect your samples and add details instantly to project folders


  • SHOWROOM SQUARED provides a visual dashboard of day to day activities
  • Incoming messages, status changes, payments, shipments, etc are all linked to active Quotes and Orders, are all categorized, and easily accessed
  • Actions required are are highlighted
  • Always be current and up-to-date


  • SHOWROOM SQUARED is in the cloud
  • You already have all the tools you need - internet access - mobile phone
  • No software to load

  • No technology burden

  • Information is secure and continuously backed-up

  • Easy Setup

  • The platform is easy to navigate with little or no training

  • Easy extract of order details into third party software