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Showroom Squared is an online business platform for design professionals to research products, collaborate with showrooms and manage furnishing orders - from inspiration to delivery.


Providing a new route to discovering and sourcing custom furnishings for your projects

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While you will still want to visit showrooms to experience furnishings and materials in person, Showroom Squared gives you real-time access to research specific options, obtain quotes, stay in touch with production, track orders and share status updates with clients. This revolutionary streamlined process will help you bring the beauty of custom design to your clients with less frustration and more time for creativity.



  • Access to more products enhances the calibre of your design

  • Desktop and mobile access to pricing, order status ad project details

  • Communication with Showroom is more direct, clear and accurate

  • Work more efficiently specifying materials and approving changes

  • Eliminate miscommunication and costly production errors

  • Enhance client experience for your customers with coordinated project updates


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