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On SHSQ   Research • Quote • Order • Approve • Confirm • Message • Pay • Link • Track   In One Place

  • information all in one place

  • at-a-glance status

  • product details + images + links incorporated

  • details autofilled  client + ship to + sidemarks

  • approvals + confirmations + messaging

  • linked COM id forms + shipments tracked

  • notifications of alerts + lead times + updates

  • online payments

  • shipments - linked + tracked

  • quotes + orders + invoices - converted


Order and Clarity brought to a Complex Process

Quotes and orders created directly from actionable catalogs enabling product information & images to be incorporated automatically. SHSQ enables trade clients to attach quotes and orders to projects thereby allowing repetitive information such as 'ship to' and sidemark to be instantly added to orders. Upcharges and prices calculated automatically. Quote, order, invoice status advance effortlessly for the showroom. The same orders & quotes can be converted instantly by the trade client into proposals and orders for their customers so duplication of information is eliminated.  

A Visual Process for a Visual Industry

Product images with each order; customization line items visually confirmed; comprehensive material ID forms attached; links to finishes and materials; tracking of approvals for cuttings, samples & drawings; alerts and notifications highlighted; timeline graphic illustrates production status.      

Expedited Ordering  

Notifications of actions required are flagged until accomplished. Status of progress is kept current eliminating unnecessary followups. Messaging attached to each order. COM ID forms and shipping details linked to product orders. Production timeline updated and current. 

Transparent Transactions 

Dashboards, with product images, provide at-a-glance monitoring of all transactions and enable orders to be filtered according to status, client, showroom, brand or product. Order progress evolves from quote to order to invoice through to production, shipping and delivery. Links to shipping and tracking.