connect and extend your showroom reach


Showroom Squared, an online business marketplace, enables Showrooms to showcase their products & represented lines to a broader base of design professionals and provide their customers with online custom orders.


Providing a powerful tool to communicate quickly and clearly to better serve a wider base of customers

Photo by mapodile/iStock / Getty Images

While it will never replace in-person visits to your showroom, it will help you re-establish your position as a trusted resource and vital contributor to great design. Our platform provides a shared workspace where showrooms, designers and brands collaborate seamlessly in real time on custom orders from start to finish. Centralizing and organizing order options and information dramatically reduces time spent tracking down details.



  • Increase showroom visibility to develop new relationships

  • reduce geographic barriers to increase purchase considerations

  • an enhanced customer experience for design professionals

  • organized shareable information reduces emails and phone calls

  • a more collaborative online experience means better in-person interactions

  • new insights to customer buying patterns