Showroom Squared offers the modern version of an e-catalog that you might share with your regional sales reps or representing showrooms, except now your sales reps can also share it with their trade clients to receive quote requests and custom orders -- generated directly from your catalog.  

You maintain the updated product information and in return, see an increase in sales activity and purchase orders that come to you in a consistent format, complete with approvals and confirmation of specification changes.  You gain the benefits of the latest internet and mobile technology right way. 


  • Showroom Squared makes it easy to upload and showcase your entire collection, including product details, images and tearsheets.

  • You assign catalogs to your local sales representatives or showrooms. 

  • You can register each of your sales reps as a virtual showroom on the SHSQ platform.  

  • Trade buyers can quickly find your products; searching by brand, showroom or product category.  They can add products to their client research and request a quote directly from your sales representative or showroom.

  • Showrooms and sales reps can instantly respond to quote requests and process orders.


  • Showroom Squared facilitates a robust online collaboration between the buyer and seller that results in agreement of all specification changes before order is placed. 

  • All communications are stored and specification changes confirmed. Approvals for cuttings, finish samples or drawings are captured and tracked.

  • COM/COL & finish selections, including customization details linked to furniture orders are instantly shared.


  • Initial quotes, including catalog images, product details, and the customers confirmed specification changes evolve into a paperless order.

  • Errors and delays are eliminated through a set of steps and checks to ensure clear communication and a quality experience.

  • Automatic side-marking and tracking improves delivery and also helps your workshop match COM to furniture orders.

  • Receive all POs in a consistent format for easy followup.  


  • The data derived from Showroom Squared allows you to gain insights into what items and options designers are looking at and buying, helping you identify sales trends and improve your production and marketing strategies like never before. Of course, ensuring your brand is seen as project-friendly is not a bad thing either.

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