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Eileen has worked as a Designer for over twenty years in Chicago and the UK.  Trying to solve her own problem of tracking and managing complex design orders is the impetus for creating the SHSQ management platform.  Dan has worked as a ...


SHSQ is a cloud-based management and tracking tool for custom design ordersThe SHSQ platform provides users - brands, showrooms, trade, customers - with a place to transact, share and update all the details and actions required, from initiation to delivery, of complex orders. 

Create and Track Orders and Quotes


Select a product from your catalogs (you can create a new product instantly if it does not exist), click 'create orderand an order or quote is generated automatically on SHSQ. 


Orders are also generated instantly when a client submits a quote or order request directly from your SHSQ product page.

Order includes product image and name.  Client information – including the contact person, project, and shipping details – is auto-populated.


Add customizations and upcharges, add to a cart and send. 


Your client can now access the order online, edit or confirm their details, order customizations, and proceed with the order.


Record and track items for approval in the 'Approvals' section of each order.  Track and update the status of samples and strike-offs with tracking link to shipping.  Upload drawings for approval.  Items are approved or declined online and shared with everyone - you, the client and the vendor.


Material ID section captures details of customer's own material, leather or trim + links to the shipment tracking of material.  Details captured include link to product page, product image, application information. Estimates or material required can be added along with other pertinent notes.


Each order contains a messaging section where you can communicate directly with the client or vendor on each order.  It also enables you to add internal notes and documents that can be shared with other staff.


Custom quotes and orders go into a Cart.  Calculate shipping costs, charges + taxes and request deposits and payments due.  Update lead time and shipping status of order.  Capture your client's acknowledgement of your Terms + Conditions. 


Email notifications of orders created, or actions required, link your client directly to the online transaction where they can instantly respond or take action.  


Create a Purchase Order from the existing Sales Order.  Add or edit purchase order details and use the 'calculator' to convert the sales price to the purchase price.   Email notification to your vendor links directly to online order. 

Manage all your Transactions with Dashboards


Track the status of all quotes, orders and purchase orders on the SHSQ dashboards.  All 'actions required' can be found under a specific 'Actions' tab.  All orders that have shipped will be found under the 'Shipments' tab.  Track requests for memos under the 'Memos' tab.  Orders can be filtered by lead time, status, client, vendor or product.  Generate reports according to vendor, client, product or timeline.

Create Profile + Manage your Business on SHSQ


Create your business profile and include all your contact details.  You can add details regarding your Terms + Conditions or any other policies you wish to share.  Create your own business branded messaging on all your notifications and promotional messages.

Upload videos or images to your gallery regularly to share new collaborations or products or just good news. 

Display all your own catalogs and products as well as any represented lines.  Link to other vendors who carry your own products in different markets.  See below regarding Products and Catalogs.


Add staff member profiles and their contact information.  Staff can update their information and upload profile pictures.  Assign staff to accounts so everyone knows who to contact regarding transactions or enquiries.


Create Client Accounts as needed or upload address books.  The Account captures client status, terms, client notes, and business type.  Assign staff members to each account  The Account pages is for your eyes only and client will not be able to view any of these details or notes.  See below for details of Client Profile.

Create your own status labels and use the Client Dashboard to filter accounts by status or business type.  You will shortly be able to broadcast promotions or news using the Dashboard.  You can also receive account applications from potential clients through SHSQ and, from the dashboard, you can accept + decline these requests according to your own criteria.  See below for Tax Exemption status. 


All business profiles on SHSQ have the same format and are managed by the actual business once they take ownership of their own profile.  Once you create your Client's profile you can invite your client to manage their own details.  Client keeps their own contact information current including staff contact details to make it easier to know who to contact, as well as current tax exemption certificates.  


Account Applications made through SHSQ include a tax exemption section to include current certificate and acceptance of tax exemption status.  SHSQ tracks the up to date status of tax exemption certificates.


All business profiles on SHSQ have the same format, including your vendors, and are managed by the actual business once they take ownership of their own profile.  Vendor keeps their own contact information current including staff contact details to make it easier to know who to contact.  

Your Products + Catalogs


Create and add a new product easily if you do not have access to a product catalog, or create your own branded products.  Simply add Brand name, Product name, Product code, and image if available, to create a new product. 


Upload your existing catalogs onto SHSQ or easily create seasonal catalogs to highlight different products.  Create catalogs to display off the floor products or for whatever reason you want to promote any items.  


When you upload or create catalogs on SHSQ, you enable orders to be instantly generated and auto-populated with your product image + information - whether created by you or from a client request from the catalog page.


As a Brand, the vendors representing you can submit their orders through your SHSQ site so that you can manage all your incoming orders through your SHSQ dashboards.     

Your Business + SHSQ


As a Design Brand, the vendors representing you submit their orders through your SHSQ site so that you can manage all your incoming orders through your SHSQ dashboard.  You can update lead times and shipment details.  You can send out samples and drawings for approval and track approvals online.  If you contract out work, you and your contractor track + manage orders together with the SHSQ dashboard.  You can also generate quotes and sales as well on SHSQ.

Upload your existing catalogs to SHSQ and now all your products are actionable allowing orders to be created automatically.  Assign your catalogs to the showrooms representing you.  Showrooms and clients on SHSQ can interact with you + create purchase orders through the SHSQ system.  Those not using SHSQ can submit their orders through your SHSQ portal.  This enables your to track all orders on your dashboard. 


As a Showroom, provide your clients with an online ordering experience.  Link to your SHSQ site from your own website to enable clients to order your products online directly from the SHSQ product page.  Your clients will receive a link that directly opens their online order where they can edit their own details, confirm customizations, input COM information, make approvals, and proceed with the order - all online.  Your clients will have their own dashboard to manage all orders from you. Assigning your staff to your client accounts on SHSQ ensures that clients will always know who is managing their orders and contact them directly on the specific .

Generate online quotes and orders on all your products even if the Brand you represent is not using SHSQ.  Simply create a new product at any time and proceed with creating your order.  Track all orders you create using your dashboard to track + update status, and then convert these sales orders to purchase orders and send.  Manage all transactions for all your vendors and clients in one place.


The SHSQ client site enables clients to request quotes, orders + memos from SHSQ vendors.  Conduct all SHSQ transactions online.  Create projects + client accounts, assign these to orders + product research. Use the dashboard to filter orders by project or vendor, and manage order status. 


Ability to convert quotes and orders and add to client proposals and then share online with your clients will be available shortly.  Also in progress is process to create and track quote requests and orders on products and vendors not currently in the SHSQ system.  


Businesses on SHSQ determine their own client categories - showroom, trade, non-trade - and create them as needed.

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