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showrooms + vendors

extend your business online

  • The Showroom Squared order management tools supports your in-showroom activities and offers a consistent, transparent method of communicating with your clients.

  • It also provides you with an online platform to feature details of the products you represent.   Having an online presence is not intended to replace in-person visits to your showroom, but in this age of online and mobile access, it will help you assert your position as a trusted, reliable resource and vital contributor to great design.

  • This added showroom dimension provides a shared workspace where your showroom staff can collaborate seamlessly with design customers and brands on each custom order from start to finish.​

  • In addition, it centralizes and organizes order options, information and approvals, dramatically reducing your time spent shuffling through stacks of paper and—ultimately—eliminating errors.

  • When trade can eliminate tedious project management tasks, sourcing custom furniture and furnishings becomes business as usual.  A very big win for vendors.

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brands + manufacturers

transparent order process

  • Showroom Squared  keeps the entire custom order process transparent and fluid by creating a shared online workspace for clients, vendors and brands to collaborate and access order information and approvals more efficiently.


  • By optimizing the ordering experience, Showroom Squared ensures your brand will be seen as “project-friendly,” making it top-of-mind for discerning professionals looking to elevate interior design through custom orders.

  • In practical terms, it’s a centralized communications platform that allows you to nimbly manage spec sheets in real time and keep product information up to date.

  • In turn, this enhanced dialogue reduces effort and frustration on the part of your design customers.

  • With the data derived from Showroom Squared, you can gain insights into what items and options customers are looking at and buying, helping you identify sales trends and improve your production and marketing strategies.

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design + trade professionals

streamlined custom ordering

  • Showroom Squared is simplifying custom design by providing online order management tools to your favorite showrooms who offer you a shared online workspace to collaborate.


  • It allows you, a design professional, to seamlessly connect with showrooms and brands to manage the custom ordering process from “what are my options?” to “when did it ship?”

  • While you’ll still want to visit showrooms to experience furnishings and fabrics in person, Showroom Squared gives you direct access to researching specific options, obtain quotes, staying in touch with production, tracking orders and sharing status updates with clients.


  • This revolutionary streamlined process will help you bring the beauty of custom design to a wider audience, with less frustration and more time for creativity.

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