Tips for getting started


We're glad you've joined us!

We believe it should be easier for Showrooms and Designers to engage and collaborate.

We provide a few simple tools to make your experience engaging with Showrooms more transparent and efficient.

These tools are available to you everytime you sign into your showroom squared account.


On SHSQ you have your own unique dashboard that you can use to keep track of all your activity.

Here you can access all your SALES QUOTES & SALES ORDERS as well as your RESEARCH


When you want to view a Showrooms Catalog simply click on the RESEARCH button along the top of your dashboard.

This will bring up a list of the Showrooms and all the Brands it represents.

You can search by Product, by Brand or by Showroom.

When you see an item you like you can either add it to your Research or Request a quote instantly.

Research can be organized by projects and you will have the option to create a new project when you click on the ADD TO RESEARCH button.

Or you can save the items to the default ‘research’ projects and just keep track of items you like.


If you would like to request a Quote. Simply select the item from the catalog and click on the REQUEST QUOTE button.

When a showroom sends you a quote, they will package multiple items from the same brand into a cart.

You can find your SALES QUOTES in the tab on the dashboard. Click on the quote number to view your interactive sales quote. Here you can confirm the details of the quote or if you want to make changes you can message the showroom directly in the quote. This way all of your communications are managed and filed in one place.


Once an order has been placed it will be available for you in the SALES ORDER tab on your dashboard. Simply click on the order number and it will take you into an interactive Sales Order where you can confirm or edit instantly as well as indicate and track any approvals or material ID forms .

If you have any additional questions or need support in using your showroom squared account please contact us here and we will be happy to help

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