Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Showroom Squared Platform?

Showroom Squared is an online marketplace for custom furnishings that connects Showrooms, Brands and Design Professionals - a single platform for brands to reach the design trade, showrooms to facilitate online quotes and orders, and design professionals to find and buy custom products.

Does it replace my website?
  • No, but it can dramatically enhance it.  Your website represents your business and your brand.  SHSQ provides you with the tools and the shared marketplace platform to transact business.  We also provide a link so that visitors to your website can view your product offerings and request sales quotes.

Do I have to buy software or other technology?
  • No software to purchase or to load.  Join the SHSQ platform and you will have access to the tools that enable you to transact business online as well as in the showroom and collaborate with all parties involved in the process.  

Who can use the Showroom Squared Platform?
  • The SHSQ platform is primarily a 'trade only' marketplace.  Trade showrooms and sales representatives who participate can invite their interior design clients to engage with them online.  

Who sees my information?
  • All registered trade users can set themselves as visible or invisible on the platform. You decide who gets to see your profile.

  • Design professionals can share their trade credentials with selected showrooms with whom they want to establish a trade account.

  • Information related to specific quotes and orders is between the buyer and seller.

Why upload my catalog to SHSQ?
  • Because your products will be visible to all trade clients using the site.  You can assign catalogs to your local and regional sales representatives so that trade buyers can place orders directly with them.  You maintain control of the content completely. And now you have an actionable catalog!

What is an actionable catalog?
  • Product catalog files uploaded to the SHSQ site enable design professionals and showrooms to initiate quotes and orders directly from the product page.  Orders & quotes include product images and details and link to tear sheets and specifications.

How does SHSQ improve the ordering process?
  • Elimination of data entry time and errors - sales quotes and orders are pre-populated with product information as well as the product image from the catalog. 
  • Elimination of paperwork and time wasted tracking down details - all communications and files are stored centrally and linked to the relevant product quote or order making retrieving a cinch.

  • Avoidance of costly misunderstandings.  All interactions and specification agreements between the buyer and the seller are captured and confirmed. COM and COL ID forms are linked to orders. CFA's and other approvals are processed within the order.  

  • Removal of unnecessary delays. To avoid orders stalling, notifications are sent when actions are required by either party.

  • Full transparency.  Visual dashboards provide at-a-glance status of all transactions. Transaction status follows progression from quote to order to invoice and through to production and delivery.