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into the digital age

What's the most important part of a custom order?


Getting it right.


There's an app for that!

Designed for custom furnishing manufacturers and the trade showrooms that represent them...

the SHOWROOM SQUARED application extends the showroom's reach and brings a new level of efficiency + transparency to custom furnishing orders.


Our custom-designed solution is ready to use from day one. No complicated set up required-- simply login and start collaborating on orders today.

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from anywhere
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order information
in one place 
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from start to finish
transparent + accessible
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With Showroom Squared, a single Brand catalog can be linked to all local showrooms and sales representatives. 

  • Each showroom has its own unique portal to share with clients. 

  • Designers and other Trade clients can browse the catalog and send quote or order requests to their local showroom or rep, who will handle the rest.

  • Showroom Squared improves communication between clients, the sales team and the manufacturing team, leading to faster orders and fewer errors.

  • Catalogs supplied by the brand include custom options to populate the order.

  • Products can also be created on the fly by the showroom as a quote is requested.

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