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custom furnishing Brands choose SHOWROOM SQUARED

With Showroom Squared, custom furnishing brands can now put their digital product catalog to work in the sales process.

Brands depend on showrooms and sales reps to reach local markets and for most of their orders.  Providing a single catalog from which sales partners can create orders, brings a new level of efficiency and accuracy to the custom ordering process.  In return, brand manufacturers have access to a pipeline of production-ready orders in a standard format.


Showroom Squared provides a commercial space to showcase a brand's digital catalog.  From here, local showrooms, regional sales reps, and their clients, can order directly from the catalog.  The brand has control over the line item details that they wish to be included in each order.   Brands can also engage actively with showrooms to resolve issues quickly, to provide production updates and be seen as "project-friendly" by trade customers.

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Showcase your product catalog to your customers in a more efficient and effective way

Make it easier for customers to access + purchase your products from the product page.

Make it simple for your showrooms to build quotes and orders directly from your catalog. 


Receive accurate orders created directly from your product page eliminating any confusion or time-consuming order entry.


Streamline the order process by seamlessly managing all orders in a consistent manner from multiple channels.

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Customize the order form to ensure that all the required line-item specifications are included in the order process. Make sure nothing is overlooked.

Communicate with the showroom on each transaction with our direct messaging system.   Resolve issues or concerns quickly and easily.


Production scheduling benefits from visibility to the real-time status of all approvals, customer’s materials and shipping details 



Keeping customers informed is a crucial part of building a lasting and successful relationship.

Providing showrooms + clients with regular updates, estimated completion dates and shipment tracking, ensures that your customers know your commitment to providing them with the best possible experience.


Let's work together to find the solution that's right for your business – whatever its size and whatever your goals.

We're ready to listen.



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