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Showrooms face key challenges in today's digital world: the need to be online where their customers are, and working together on custom orders in a way that's transparent and saves time. That's why showroom businesses pick Showroom Squared – our custom-designed solution tackles all these issues. Showroom Squared is ready to use from day one. No complicated set up required - simply login and start managing orders.

Whether your business includes one or many showrooms, Showroom Squared extends the reach of each physical location with an online sales channel, making them accessible to clients 24/7.

Actionable catalogs enable showrooms to generate quotes and orders directly from the catalog.  Clients can request quotes with a single click and view the followup on their dashboard. 

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Collaborative order management is transparent and efficient. It simplifies information sharing and provides easy access to every aspect of a custom order - specification changes, approvals, material IDs, and communications.

By offering availability, transparency and efficiency, showrooms unlock their true value.




"Actionable" catalogs enable quotes and orders to be generated directly from the catalog.

Clients can request quotes at the click of a button.

Orders originating from the catalog ensures the accuracy of  the order and eliminates redundant data entry and errors.

Catalogs can be managed by the brand or the showroom.  

Fast + Accurate Order Processing

Realtime collaboration is key. Collaborative order management engages clients directly through the order process, and delivers much needed transparency and efficiency.

Online approvals, system notifications, production updates + shipment tracking eliminate confusion and inefficiency.

Orders can be processed from anywhere, on any device, making it easy to bring your showroom directly to your customers.

With all order information + communications saved in one place, your team and clients can reclaim hours of time lost sorting through emails.

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Extended Showroom


We help businesses turn their existing website into a powerful sales channel.

If your business has one central website but manages multiple brick-and-mortar showrooms, each one is automatically extended to do business online.

Clients can easily connect outside of normal business hours to research products, request quotes, check order status, or specify change requests.

The showroom team is always connected to a client's online activity so that there is a continuity of service.

Build + Retain Relationships

Provide a hassle free custom ordering experience for your clients and the brands you represent.


Online approvals, confirmed customizations, and tracking of customer’s materials ensure that an order is processed quickly and efficiently, with no unnecessary complications.

Efficiency means cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.  This gives you an edge in the marketplace.

Plus, our promotional outreach tool makes it easy to reach customers with personalized promotions and incentives. 

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