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A new custom

At SHOWROOM SQUARED, we simplify the complexity of custom design by providing a collaborative online workspace where the many evolving details of a custom design are captured and shared.



founded by Eileen and Dan Carroll

Eileen is a Chicago-based interior designer with over 25 years of industry experience in the US and UK.

Dan is an IT specialist with international experience in B2B exchanges, online procurement and catalog management. He has also implemented sale & marketing and business intelligence solutions.


Showroom Squared was first conceived of in response to Eileen's experiences (and frustrations) ordering custom furniture for her clients.

After dozens of conversations with professionals across the industry - Showrooms, Brands, Manufacturers, and Designers - we realized how widespread those frustrations were, and began to formulate a solution.

We wanted to create a tool, tailored to the unique demands of custom furnishing, that would empower the brands and showrooms we love to leverage the latest technology, keep up with clients' changing expectations, and manage all the moving pieces that go into running a furnishings business - so they could continue to thrive in the digital age. 


"...Dan Carroll recently launched Showroom Squared, a platform that enables trade showrooms– even those that sell custom furnishings – to offer clients an omnichannel experience with the full transactional process online...

Carroll says his tool is designed to enhance the traditional person-to-person interation that has largely defined the design trade, not replace it...." 

Laura Nagel, Owner


The platform has allowed us to grow our business, save time and offer transparency on order status.
We are also very motivated to go paperless and Showroom Squared allows us to do that without concern as it captures all intricate details of each order and its communication history."

Tim Palmer, Owner


"... it's always scary to change.

But we decided to give it a chance, and we just love it.


It has streamlined everything and allowed us to go almost completely paperless."

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